Force 1

Description:?Force One Plus is a broad spectrum anthelmintic that also contains cobalt as a nutritional supplement. It is a combined fluke, round worm and tape worm drench for cattle, sheep and goat. It contains minerals for improved growth and performance. Force One Plus is safe for young, pregnant and lactating animals.

Active Ingredients:?1.5% Levamisole hydrochloride and 3.0% Oxyclozanide with cobalt

Dosage:?Shake well before use.
Force 1 super is administered at the rate of 1ml/4kg body weight
Force 1 plus is administered at the rate of 1ml/2kg body weight.
Force one should be repeated after every 3 months.
Withdrawal period for Force 1 for milk is 24 hours and for meat is 11 days.

Package:?135ml, 500ml, 1ltr