Crop Care
Our line of crop protection and crop boosting products ensure your crops are protected from weeds, insects and promote flowering and fruiting to give you a bumper havest.
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Animal Health
Our line of Veterinary products will protect your farm animals and pets ensuring frm animals are producing at their optimal and your pets are as lively as ever.
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Human Care
Our inhouse brand of medicines keep you active and working by picking you back up when and infection hits.
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Our line of environmental products promote healthy living by promoting safer homes.
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HighChem providing solutions !

We are a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified company in Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are involved in the distribution and manufacture of a wide variety of products both under our own brand and through contracted manufacturing. Our range of products cover Hygiene, Environmental Sciences , Consumer/Hospital Disposables, Crop Science, Animal Health, and Pharmaceuticals.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced individuals oversee the continued growth and diversification of our group of companies to provide better quality products for improved quality of life.

Our Companies

Our pharmaceuticals division is a well established marketing, and distribution company combining innovator brands, and diagnostics technologies for human pharmaceuticals.

Our essentials division is devoted to improve health and productivity in animal health, environment science, and poultry & nutrition products through the best practices possible.

East Africa is in the business of Hygiene, Environmental Sciences & Consumer/Hospital Disposables.

HighChem Agriculture is a company dedicated to improve health and productivity in crop science as well as supporting farmers in Kenya.

With our industry leading facilities we strive to be your partner in formulation and packing.


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